MSC,全称MAGNETIC SENSORS CORPORATION,源自美国,主要生产销售MSC传感器,产品主要应用于汽车,工业,铁路。

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MSC,全称MAGNETIC SENSORS CORPORATION,建立于美国,主要研发与生产MSC传感器,MSC产品主要应用于汽车,工业,铁路等领域。

MSC has transformed its marketing base so that computer peripheral applications are no longer the dominant portion of our business. We now have a growing and diverse customer, industry, and applications foundation.MSC components are found in commercial jets, combat helicopters, satellites, Bradley tanks, farm implements, earth moving equipment, turbines, highway diesel tractors, home electronics, and much more.In 2000 we acquired the UTE line of automotive after market vehicle speed sensors, or VSS. This has opened a whole new market for us. Applications for these sturdy sensors aren't limited to their original target market of hot rods and cruise control installations. We have customers who are installing them in trucks, military vehicles and many other uses.Magnetic Sensors Corporation is ISO 9001/AS9100 certified.Clients choose us for our individualized customer service. Many of our competitors are huge and it is impossible to contact a human being for help. We are a small company, which makes for a responsive company that you can depend on, be your order for one unit or tens of thousands - WE CAN MEET YOUR NEED.Mission StatementMagnetic Sensors Corporation is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services, and the quality management system.




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